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Moriyama Campus

A learning environment blessed with plentiful teaching and research facilities for vigorously cultivating a spirit of learning.

On campus, there are computer classrooms capable of handling waves of advanced information, beginning with large, medium, and small lecture halls fully equipped with audio-visual equipment.
In addition, there is a complete array of equipment, facilities, and simulation models that presuppose various situations and conditions so that students can learn practical skills in nursing to be able to respond to all kinds of needs in nursing sites.
In this environment blessed with resources, students will move each step closer to becoming nursing specialists and will spread their wings toward the future.

  • ABasic Nursing Training Room
  • BMaternity Nursing Training Room
  • CMidwifery Training Room
  • DPediatric Nursing Training Room
  • EPsychiatric Nursing Training Room
  • FAdult Nursing Training Room
  • GElderly, Community, and Home Nursing Training Room
  • HNursing Academic Information Center
  • 01Lecture Building
  • 02Nursing Academic Information Center (Library)
  • 03Administration Building
  • 04Gymnasium
  • 05Athletic Field
  • 06Bus Stop
  • 07Parking Lot (General Public)
  • 08Parking Lot (Students)
  • 09Parking Lot (Faculty and Staff)
  • 10Bicycle Parking Area
  • A Basic Nursing Training Room
  • B Maternity Nursing Training Room
  • C Midwifery Training Room
  • D Pediatric Nursing Training Room
  • E Psychiatric Nursing Training Room
  • F Adult Nursing Training Room
  • G Elderly, Community, and Home Nursing Training Room
  • H Nursing Academic Information Center


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