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Graduate School of Human Development :

Master’s Course

Classification Subject
Core Courses Fundamental Theories of Human Development School Administration and Leadership
Adult and Community Education
History of Education
Methods of Education
Early Childhood Education
Developmental Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Educational Psychology
School Psychology
Science of Health and Fitness
Human Movement
Community Sociology
Multicultural Society
Public Policy
Social Welfare Policy
Social Work
History of Psychiatry
Theories of Support for Human Development Spacial Needs Education
Social Science Education
Science Education
Music Education
Art Education
Physical Education
Support for Human Development
Community Social Work
Child and Family Welfare
Support for Speech and Language Development
Social Work in Health Care
Mental Health Social Work
School Social Work
Related Courses Methods in Human Development Studies A
Research Method in Human Development Studies
Human Development & Social Welfare
Clinical Developmental Psychology Practice
Master's Thesis

Doctoral Course

Classification Subject
Special Courses History of Education
Developmental Psychology
School Clinical Psychology
Human Movement
Regional and Community Studies
Social Welfare Policy
Social Work Studies
History of Psychiatry
Music Education Research
Curriculum Development
Child Care and Supports
Health and Social Welfare
Doctor's Thesis Doctor's Thesis


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