English / Japanese

Summer Program

Distinctive Features

1. A unique experiential-style program
This is a unique program full of experiences that can only be had in Japan and here in Aichi.
The program can be customized to meet the needs of partner universities.

2. A program possible only at a university
International students can experience academic discussions with our regular students and lectures by specialists.

Enrollment Limit

12 students (for each program)

※A program with fewer than 7 participants may be cancelled in some cases.

Sample Program Schedule

Per week:
8 classes of Japanese language (1 class = 90 min)
1 experiential learning event or field trip
About 2-3 interactive classes with Japanese students

8:50-10:20 Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Excursion (Examples: Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya Noh Theater, etc.)
10:30-12:00 Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese
12:50-14:20 Exchange event with Japanese students (e.g., cooking, calligraphy) Class with Aichi Pref U students
16:10-17:50 Class with Aichi Pref U students

Sample Experiential-Style Programs

※Program contents are put together to match the overall theme of the course and students' Japanese levels.

Ex. 1) Understanding Japanese Culture Program
Learn about cultural facilities in Aichi Prefecture (e.g., Tokugawa Art Museum, Noh Theater, Science Museum), popular culture, and popular performing arts

Ex. 2) Academic Discussion Program
A course centering on discussions with our students

Ex. 3) Understanding Japanese Society Program
Deepen understanding of current issues in Japanese society such as multiculturalism and disaster prevention

Ex. 4) Aichi Program
Deepen understanding of Aichi’s "craftsmanship culture" (e.g., lectures and discussions with practitioners, factory visits)

Ex. 5) Cross-Cultural Exchange Program
A program for experiencing actual communication as much as possible through exchanges and homestays with our students

Estimated Program Fees

Including Japanese language courses and excursions(tentative)

4-week program course fees: ¥90,000 - ¥100,000
6-week program course fees: ¥120,000 - ¥140,000
(Not including meals and other daily expenses, insurance, and course material fees)

* 1 Accommodation
Programs emolling no more than 12 students may use the accommodation facility at Aichi Prefectural University. If you wish to use the on-campus accommodation facility, your university must provide a staff member on hand to supervise student life.

* 2 Insurance
International students must emoll in insurance for the entire period of the program before corning to Japan.


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