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Carve out your future towards the global stage, through advanced English language skills.

This department aims to nurture prospective graduates to develop a global perspective. To fulfill this goal, students are encouraged to acquire a high level of English which will help to assure a deeper understanding of communities and cultures in the English-speaking world -with a particular emphasis on the United Kingdom and the United States.

The department’s curriculum provides a diverse range of lectures and assignments in various disciplines including history, economics, politics, culture, literature, English philology, and English education so that students can concentrate on specialized knowledge concerning the U.K. and the U.S., through the exercise of English language skills. Students can especially develop their self-initiative in an assignment provided with tutorial support, and submit their research findings in an undergraduate thesis written in English.

The Department of British and American Studies has twenty-eight members of staff, including four non-Japanese, engaged in teaching. Through their vigorous tuition and guidance, more enterprising graduates are recruited into professions in business communities, educational communities, and government services, as well as research institutions, every year.

Degree Bachelor of Foreign Studies

Message from a Current Student

Department of British and American Studies

Shiyori Takashima

The Department of British and American Studies offers a multifaceted approach to diverse areas of study, including the society and culture of the English-speaking world. By applying what we learn in class, we can further pursue our own areas of interest. Moreover, because most classes in our language majors have small class sizes, we communicate in English a lot, making it fun to obtain the necessary knowledge. In this department I've been able to meet earnest teachers and aspiring friends, all of whom contribute to a fulfilling university life. I recommend it to people who like English and have a strong motivation to learn.


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