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Encouraging cosmopolitans to establish a career in Asia, through the systematic study of Chinese and the Chinese-speaking world.

When people hear the word “China,” they usually imagine “The People’s Republic of China.” However, the area where Chinese is spoken is much more widespread than that. Indeed, the economy in the “Chinese-speaking world” is growing at the most remarkable rate - which, needless to say, illustrates that the ties between those areas and Japan will become closer in the future.

The Chinese classes in the Division total 1000 hours over four years, and are conducted by staff members, including some non-Japanese, in small tutorial groups under a well-organized curriculum. Apart from standard Mandarin, students can learn other languages of East Asia, including Korean, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Those who make their careers in Asia are often expected to have a good understanding of the different cultures in the Chinese-speaking world, along with an assessment of the international perspective and advanced language skills. It is the goal of this Division, to nurture prospective graduates who can fulfill these expectations.

Degree Bachelor of Foreign Studies

Message from a Current Student

Department of Chinese Studies

Chinatsu Yamamoto

I think the appeal of the Department of Chinese Studies is its enjoyable 90-minute classes and the warm support we receive from instructors. Because the classes by native faculty are conducted mostly in Chinese, we can naturally gain focus and improve our speaking and listening abilities even though we're in Japan. We also naturally acquire a habit of learning, because we're expected to prepare and review what we learn in class. If there is something we don’t understand in class, we can casually approach the faculty at their labs and ask questions. Above all, even outside of class, the teachers provide careful guidance regarding study-abroad consultations or speech contests. I was also able to do well in a speech contest through the care and guidance of my teachers. I'm now scheduled to study in China for one year as a government-sponsored foreign student. Let’s have a fulfilling school life together in the Department of Chinese Studies!


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