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View the world through France: the country of tradition and innovation.

France is one of the cores at the center of European culture, stimulating Japan in areas such as art, literature, and philosophy. Today, as a promoting member of the EU (European Union), France also has a strong influence in the spheres of politics, diplomacy, and economics.
Through the close observation of these trends, students will explore from various angles, the historical foundation and contemporary situation of French culture.

This division in the Department of European Studies, offers comprehensive programs during the first two years of the course, which enable students to speak, read and write in French - along with preparation programs which will lead to more specialized research. In the second half of the course, students explore research from different four aspects: social history, politics and economics, language and literature, and philosophy and culture - while simultaneously advancing their language skills.

There are nine tutors who specialize in a diverse range of subjects: for example, the French administrative system from the Middle Ages to the Modern Ages, social history, contemporary politics, the EU economy, French language, classic and modern literature, literary theory and theories of art. In addition, there are two full-time French members of staff engaged in language training for annual programs.

The Division is intended for students who wish to work in Europe in this new century, or globally in a broad range of societies, through the use of French - which, following English, has become a major world language.

Degree Bachelor of Foreign Studies

Message from a Current Student

Department of European Studies Division of French Studies

Ayaka Shimada

Etudions ensemble!!
I believe that self-challenge is crucial to a fulfilling university life. At a recitation tournament at the University's festival, I performed “La Rose de Versailles” in French, with friends in the same major. I could challenge myself in this goal and see it to completion, thanks to my friends who strove together with me to overcome it, as well as the earnest instruction from my teachers. Not only is it fun to learn French, but I use it to strive even further. I hope you’ll join us as we learn and have fun together.


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