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Considering global issues and multicultural coexistence

It is now an era of globalization in which people move around freely, and where materials, money and information are being exchanged. Environmental issues, economic problems, or ethnic disputes are no longer particular to a specific country or region. Instead, they have all become worldwide concerns - which everyone, as global citizens, has to consider.

The advancement of globalization can be even observed in the everyday life of every country and region. As a result, the phrase “multicultural coexistence” has become a key expression of our time.

The Department of International and Cultural Studies, reflecting on this situation, aims to educate students in those various aspects of international relations that cannot be easily captured within the framework of a single region or language.

In order to encourage a spirit of true “multicultural coexistence”, where interpersonal relationships are cherished, the Division offers a diverse range of subjects relating to culture and society. Students also learn not only English as a major subject, but other languages selected from a large choice.

Therefore, we would like to ask all who are learning in our Division, if they would become globalized and would contribute to international cooperation and communication - so that they would undertake some of the wide ranging work required, from intergovernmental, to grass-roots level.

Degree Bachelor of International and Cultural Studies

Message from a Current Student

Department of International and Cultural Studies

Ying-Lain Liu

The classes that I have taken at Aichi Prefectural University have inspired my interest in intercultural communication, world affairs and the current problems of modern society. This has also helped to deepen my knowledge while enhancing my enjoyment of university life. My everyday life in Japan, where I live on my own, has also been fulfilling, since I must balance my studies and part-time work. University life is said to be the most important step one will take before entering society. Let’s strive together to become global-minded individuals who can make great achievements in society.


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