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What is ‘the cultural history of Japan’? It is to investigate Japanese society, from various points of view.

This course explores the history and culture of Japan.

The department offers programs which utilize historical science, to investigate Japan from ancient times to the present, and various aspects of geography, sociology and law, in order to learn about some diverse issues in contemporary society. By achieving this, students would be expected to possess the perception and practical knowledge to envisage the place of history and culture, in the future.

Students will receive training in how to analyze historical documents for specific evidence, in classes called Documentology. Field work is also conducted, to search for required documents, outside the university. The course includes programs to empirically examine different aspects of cultural history, while considering the relationship between social issues in each historical period and their future implications.

The purpose for studying cultural history, which assesses why the present society exists in the way that it does, is regarded as an increasingly important factor while the world considers the future of the global society.
The school therefore believes that the content in this course helps to hand on intellectual creativity, established on a knowledge of history.

So, this department invites its undergraduates to have a fulfilling life on campus, learning Japanese History and Culture as a great period for doing the groundwork, before, as capable individuals, flying off toward their desired destinations : to that of government, in order to contribute to the development of society, at the regional level; or to that of business communities, in order to answer the demands of a remarkably fluctuating international environment; or that of educational institutions and cultural facilities, such as schools and museums, in order to be in a core position of management; or bound for employment in the media, in order to contribute to publishing, or follow some other cultural pursuit.

Degree Bachelor of Arts in Japanese History and Culture

Message from a Current Student

Department of Japanese History and Culture

Anna Yi

I think everybody experiences worry when going to a foreign country where a different language is spoken. This was also true of me. However, I could quickly make friends and get used to classes because there were Japanese and foreign students who were interested in Korea. This made me realize that there was no need to worry. Although there’s a significant difference between learning Japanese as a second language in Korea and actually coming to the Aichi Prefectural University to learn Japanese?which isn't to say one is better but that both have advantages and disadvantages?learning Japanese in Korea meant accumulating knowledge in order to pass the Japanese proficiency tests. Learning in Japan has been about the language itself, and I've been able to apply the Japanese language more realistically in various respects. I feel it's a very important experience to be able to speak Japanese with people from many countries in the home of that language.


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