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Fast Facts

Name Aichi Prefectural University
Type of University Public
Founded Aichi Prefectural Women’s Special College (1947)
Aichi Prefectural Women’s College (1957)
Aichi Prefectural University (1966)
Motto High quality education, based on high quality research
Emblem Aichi Prefectural University
Postal Address 1522-3 Ibaragabasama, Nagakute-shi, Aichi-ken, 480-1198, Japan
Telephone +81-(0)561 -76-8829 (International exchange office)
Main Campuses Nagakute campus, Moriyama campus, Satellite Campus
Schools and Departments School of Foreign Studies (Total number of students: 1,673)
  • Department of British and American Studies (No. of students: 463)
  • Department of European Studies Division of French Studies (232)
  • Department of European Studies Division of Spanish and Latin American Studies (239)
  • Department of European Studies Division of German Studies (244)
  • Department of Chinese Studies (244)
  • Department of International and Cultural Studies (251)
School of Japanese Studies (467)
  • Department of Japanese Language and Literature (236)
  • Department of Japanese History and Culture (231)
School of Education and Welfare (400)
  • Department of Educational and Developmental Science (174)
  • Department of Welfare Science (226)
School of Nursing & Health (367)
  • Department of Nursing & Health
School of Information Science and Technology (385)
  • Department of Information Science and Technology
Graduate School International Studies (MA: 37, D: 11)
  • Department of International Studies (MA: 26, D: 6)
  • Department of Japanese Studies (MA: 11, D: 5)
Human Development (MA: 34, D: 9)
  • Department of Human Development
Nursing & Health (MA: 45, D: 17)
  • Department of Nursing Science
Information Science and Technology (MA: 67, D: 13)
  • Department of Information Systems (MA: 23)
  • Department of Media Informatics (MA: 24)
  • Department of Systems Science (MA: 20)
  • Department of Information Science and Technology (D: 13)

Institutes Cultural Symbiosis Research Institute
Higher Language Education Research Institute
Institute for Research in Writing Culture and Cultural Property
Institute for Research in Life-long Education
Information Science and Technology Collaborative Research Institute
Degree Programmes Japanese Studies (BA, MA, D)
Literature (BA)
Foreign Studies (BA)
International Relations (BA)
International Cultural Studies (MA, D)
Information Science and Technology (BA, MA, D)
Educational and Developmental Science (BA)
Human Development (MA, D)
Nursing (BA, MA, D)
International students 42 (China, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.)
Total students 3,525
Undergraduate students 3,292
Postgraduate students 233
Top 3 programmes by enrolment Foreign Studies (BA)
Japanese Studies (BA)
Information Science and Technology (BA)
Graduate job rate 98.9% (average full-time rate for Bachelor degree); national average 97.6%
Cultural Partnership with museums such as ‘Tokugawa Art Museum’ and ‘Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum’
Clubs and societies More than 50 clubs and societies
Chancellor Mr Masanori Aikyo
President and Vice-Chancellor Dr Rei Kufukihara
Staff 311
Library 2 Main Libraries
Buildings 19 buildings
Land 275,311 m2 (Nagakute Campus), 40,687 m2 (Moriyama Campus)


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