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Nagakute Campus

A campus surrounded by greenery and fully equipped: an ideal environment for studying, playing, and being comfortable.

The total size of the campus is approximately 285,000 square meters (70 acres). In addition to classrooms equipped with audio-visual technology, there are also Japanese martial arts courts, a gymnasium equipped with training rooms, athletic fields, and tennis courts, which are used widely for club activities and for courses. In addition, with the installation of toilets for the disabled, ramps, and other accommodations, the campus has been designed for easy access to everyone, so the entire facility is a fully outfitted place of learning.

  • 01First Athletic Field
  • 02Second Athletic Field
  • 03Student Center
  • 04Japanese Archery Court
  • 05Swimming Pool
  • 06Tennis Courts
  • 07Cafeteria
  • 08School of Japanese Studies/School of Education and Welfare Building
  • 09Laboratory/Training Building Lifelong Development Research Facility
  • 10Lecture Building (East Wing), Glass Avenue
  • 11School of Foreign Studies Building, Career Support Office
  • 12Campus Hall
  • 13School of Information Science and Technology Building
  • 14Center for Information Education
  • 15Library
  • 16Lecture Building (South Wing)
  • 17Gymnasium
  • 18Academic and Cultural Exchange Center
  • 19Auditorium
  • 20Administration Building
  • 21Special Lecture Building
  • 22Robotics Institute for the Next Generation
  • 03 Student Center
  • 07 Cafeteria
  • 09 Laboratory/Training Building Lifelong Development Research Facility
  • 14 Center for Information Education
  • 15 Library
  • 17 Gymnasium
  • 18 Academic and Cultural Exchange Center
  • 19 Auditorium
  • 21 Special Lecture Building
  • 22 Robotics Institute for the Next Generation


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