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School of Foreign Studies :
Department of British and American Studies

MORITA Hisashi
Position Associate Professor
Degrees M.Phil and D.Phil in General Linguistics
Last academic career Doctoral course at the University of Oxford
Areas of study Syntax, Semantics
Themes of research
  1. The syntactic and semantic aspects of Wh-questions in natural language
  2. The syntactic and semantic effect of focus
  3. The contrastive study of English and Japanese relative clauses
Research achievement
  1. “Ultimate Pied-piping in Japanese and Sinhala,” JELS (the English Linguistic Society of Japan) 30, 2013
  2. “Unification of the Semantics of the Infinitive in English,” Miscelanea: Journal of English and American Studies 45, 31-52, 2013.
  3. “Review: Negative Indefinites, by Doris Penka, OUP, 2011”, English Linguistics, vol.29:2, 468-479, 2012.
  4. “Covert Pied-Piping in Japanese WH-Questions,” English Linguistics, vol.27:2,374-393, 2009.
  5. “Review Article: A Promotion Analysis of Japanese Relative Clauses” (J. Aoun and Y-H. A. Li, Essays on the Representational and Derivational Nature of Grammar: The Diversity of WH-Constructions, MIT Press 2003), English Linguistics, vol.23:1, 113-136, 2006.
Academic associations
  1. The English Linguistic Society of Japan
  2. The Linguistic Society of Japan
Mail Address hmorita[at]for.aichi-pu.ac.jp
([at]: replaced by @)


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