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School of Foreign Studies :
Department of European Studies Division of Spanish and Latin American Studies

Position Associate Professor
Degrees Doctor of Philosophy in Area Studies
Last academic career Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan(2008)
Areas of study Brazilian Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies
Themes of research
  1. Ethnic and Racial Relations in Brazil
  2. Cultural Nationalism in Brazil
  3. Racialization of Brazilian Immigrants in Japan
Research achievement
  1. “‘mesuchisa’ kara ‘haafu’he: nihon heno kokusaiidou to nikkei burajirujin josei no jinshuka [From “Mestiça”to “Haafu: Racialization of Japanese Brazilian Female Migrants to to Japan]” , Bulletin of The Graduate School of International Cultural Studies, 2012, No.13, pp.209ー224
  2. “Becoming ‘Haafu’: Japanese Brazilian Female Migrants and Their Racialized Bodies in Japan”, presented at the AAS-ICAS Joint Conference, Honolulu, U.S.A., April 2, 2011
Academic associations
  1. Japan Association for Latin American Studies
  2. Associação Japonesa de Estudos Luso-Brasileiros
  3. Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
Academic /social activities
  1. Program Coordinator for Medical Portuguese Course of Aichi Prefectural University
Mail Address watarai[at]for.aichi-pu.ac.jp
([at]: replaced by @)


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