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School of Japanese Studies :
Department of Japanese History and Culture

Position Professor
Degrees Doctor of Letters(Kansai University)
Last academic career Doctoral Program of Graduate School of Letters, Kansai University(1984)
Areas of study Human geography, Economic geography
Themes of research
  1. Geographical study of modern Japanese manufacturing industry
  2. Geographical study of Turkish socio-economy and culture
  3. Geographical study of Hungarian socio-economy and culture
Research achievement
  1. ’Statistical analysis of textile industry in Aichi prefecture between the Meiji and Taisyo eras’ ”Bulletin of department of Japanese history and culture, School of Japanese studies, Aichi prefectural university” 2,(2011), pp.1~32
  2. ’Distribution of machine, equipment and metal products workshops in Osaka city between 1913 and 1918’ “Annual reports of the cultural documents research institute, Aichi prefectural university”3,(2010),pp(1)~(33)
  3. ”NIHON KEIZAICHIRI DOKUHON(Text of Japanese economic geography)”, TOYOKEIZAISHINPOSYA, 2008
  4. ”KEIZAITCHIRIGAKU NO SEIKA TO KADAI(Fruits and problems of economic geography)Ⅵ”(ed. the Japan Association of Economic Geographers), Taimeido, 2003
  5. ”MENKOGYOCHIIKI NO KEISEI(Formation of cotton industrial region)”, Taimeido, 2001
Academic associations
  1. The Japan Association of Economic Geographers
  2. The Human Geographical Society of Japan
  3. The Association of Japanese Geographers
  4. The Association of Historical Geographers in Japan
  5. The Society for Systematic Regional Geography
Academic /social activities Councilor of The Society for Systematic Regional Geography
Awards The prize of the Setouchi Geographical Association(1994)
Mail Address nakajima[at]jps.aichi-pu.ac.jp
([at]: replaced by @)


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