English / Japanese

School of Information Science and Technology :

Liberal Education

Classification Subject
Foreign Languages English English I
English II
World News (Listening Comprehension)
Issues of Our Times (Discussion)
Introducing Japan (Presentation)
Expressing Your Ideas (Writing and Speaking)
German German I
German II
French French I
French II
Spanish Spanish I
Spanish II
Portuguese Portuguese I
Portuguese II
Russian Russian I
Russian II
Chinese Chinese I
Chinese II
Korean Korean I
Japanese Japanese I
Japanese II
Liberal Arts Understanding Humans Introduction to Philosophy
Language and Thought
Introduction to Psychology
Human Development and Mind
Communication Studies
Humanity and Literature
Humanity and Art
Introduction to Sociology 
Reading Classics
Reading Great Books in English
Reading Our Intellectual Heritage
Towards Cohesive Society The Constitution of Japan
Introduction to Legal Studies
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Economic Science
Introduction to Social Research
Introduction to Human Geography
Theory of Lifelong Learning
Introduction to Social Welfare
Social Problems and Public Policy
Industry and Economy of Aichi
Japanese Society
Multicultural Co-Existence in the Global Context History and Culture of Aichi
History and Culture of Japan
History and Culture of Asia
History and Culture of Europe
History and Culture of North America
History and Culture of Latin America
International Relations
World Religions
World Literature
Ethnic Groups and Nations
Multicultural Society and Communication
Japan's Interactions with Other Cultures
Japan Seen from Outside
English Seminars
Japanese Culture
Technology and Humans Science as a Liberal Art
Introduction to Physics
Science and Humanity/Society
History of Science
Life Sciences
Environment and Symbiosis
Introduction to Earth Science
IT Projects
Special Topics Kendai Essential
Global Academic Exchange
World of Music
World of Fine Arts
Learning from the Community
Career Education Career-Development Skills Understanding Advanced Information Society
Introductory Statistics for Future Careers
Japanese Writing Skills
Support for Career Formation Life Planning and Careers
Gender Equality and the Life Course
Career Practice
Health and Sports Sciences Health Science Science of Health and Body
Health and Infection Prevention
Campus Life and Health
Sports Science Study of Lifelong Sports
Sports Practice

Classification Subject
Level-100 to 200 Computer and Information Sciences Information and Communication Technology Literacy
Media Presentation
Introduction to Programming
Programming I
Programming II
Algorithms and Data Structures I
Algorithms and Data Structures II
Information Theory
Computer Architecture I
Mathematics Algebra I
Algebra II
Analysis I
Analysis II
Discrete Mathematics I
Discrete Mathematics II
Geometry I
Geometry II
Applied Mathematics I
Probability and Statistics I
Automata and Formal Languages
Level-200 to 300 Introduction to Information Science and Technology
Project Based Learning I
Project Based Learning II
Basic Experiment of Information Science and Technology
Advanced Experiment of Information Science and Technology
Computer Architecture II
Operating System
Introduction to Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Communication Network Systems
Human Interface
Basic Electrical Circuit Theory
Theory of Logical Circuits
Coding Theory
Numerical Analysis
Digital Signal Processing
Applied Mathematics II
Probability and Statistics II
Language Processing Systems
Level-400 Information Systems Communication Theory
Network Systems
Information Security
Digital Communication Systems
Distributed Systems
Operations Research
Media Informatics and Robotics Speech and Acoustic Information Processing
Robot Vision
Robot Control
Computer Graphics
Natural Language Processing
Simulation Sciences Data Science
Social Information Design & Technology
Differential Equation
Applied Probability and Statistics
Mathematics of Simulation I
Mathematics of Simulation II
System Identification
Remote Sensing of the Environment
Related Fields Information Technology and Social Sciences
Digital Libraries
Computer Vision
Pattern Recognition
Content Design
(English)Technical Writing
Bachelor Thesis Seminar on Information Science and Technology
Graduation Thesis Research I
Graduation Thesis Research II
Study Abroad Study Abroad


Classification Subject
日本語科目 Comprehensive Japanese I
Comprehensive Japanese II
Comprehensive Japanese III
Practical Japanese
Japanese Paragraph Writing
Vocabulary and Kanji
異文化理解科目 Topic Discussion
Project Work
Discover Japan


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