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History of Aichi Prefectural University

Aichi Prefectural University can trace its origins back to Aichi Prefectural Women’s Special College, which was founded in 1947. It was established following the end of the Second World War, when the residents of Aichi Prefecture wanted to recover from a period of confusion. This Women’s Special College was composed of only two departments: the Department of Japanese Literature and the Department of English Literature. At some time after that, the Special College was reorganized into the Women’s Junior College. Then, in 1957, Aichi Prefectural Women’s College, which offered a four-year course, was opened. Both of these colleges, as prestigious institutes of women’s higher education in the Chubu region, were committed to promoting competent individuals. Nine years later, in 1966, Aichi Prefectural University, a co-educational institution, was established. At that time, the university was organized into three schools (the School of Literature, the School of Foreign Studies, and the School of Foreign Studies II), and nine departments.

In 1998, the campus was relocated from Nagoya city, to the hilly eastern district of Nagakute, and the facilities were modernized. As a result, the School of Information Science and Technology was founded as the university’s first school of science courses - with the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology being launched, the following year. Also during this period of modernizing, the Graduate School of International Studies opened its doors, and the facilities at the departments of both the School of Literature and the School of Foreign Studies, were expanded and improved. Since then, Aichi Prefectural University has been producing professionals to play a vital role in their specialized fields. This is based on our educational philosophy which aims to advance globalization, informatization, social welfare, and a society of lifelong learning. Furthermore, the university, being a public institution, also desires to contribute to regional development.

History of Aichi Prefectural College of Nursing & Health

The Aichi Prefectural College of Nursing and Health was originally the Aichi Prefectural Nursing Junior College, which had been founded in 1968. However, in 1989, the presidents of twenty seven different nursing training institutions petitioned for the establishment of the university. This was approved and adopted by the prefectural assembly, who then established the Nursing University. Establishment Review Committee. Therefore, after a period of careful preparation, Aichi Prefectural College of Nursing and Health was finally opened, as an institution offering four-year-long courses, in 1995.

More recently, Aichi Prefectural College of Nursing and Health, has become more dedicated to advanced and specialized nursing practices. In 1999, the Graduate School of Nursing and Health was established, which offered the Master’s Course in Nursing Science. This has since been followed by the Midwifery Course, the Master’s Course in Advanced Practice, and the Certified Nursing Course (Nursing in Chemotherapy, and Tending Relief to Cancer Sufferers), which were introduced in 2003, 2007, and 2008, respectively.
The Aichi Prefectural College of Nursing and Health’s motto is “Respect human nature”, and also has the slogan, “Encourage nursing specialists to look after people’s lives, in the local community.” So, with these words, the college has been nurturing future prospective nursing specialists to develop their skills in thinking objectively and problem solving.

Attributes of the Modernized Aichi Prefectural University

There are two campuses at Aichi Prefectural University. The “Nagakute Campus”, comprising of the School of Foreign Studies, the School of Japanese Studies, the School of Education and Welfare, and the School of Information Science and Technology, is located in the hilly area overlooking Mt. Ontake in Kiso, beyond the mountain range of Seto. The “Moriyama Campus”, consisting of the School of Nursing and Health, is situated on Mt. Tougoku, where there is a fruit park famous for cherry blossom-viewing, in the northeastern part of Nagoya City. Both campuses are located in landscaped areas, surrounded by fresh air and greenery. At these two sites, both undergraduate and graduate students, and approximately 3,500 faculty members are constantly engaged in their studies. First-year students at the School of Nursing and Health are provided with lectures on the Nagakute campus.

The modernized Aichi Prefectural University’s motto is “High quality education, based on high quality research.” Therefore, by not only building upon the traditions initiated by the Women’s Junior College and Aichi Prefectural Women’s College, but by also taking advantage of offering both arts and science courses, Aichi Prefectural University now pursues academic education and research with the following vision:

1.That, in the so-called “Knowledge-based society” of the 21st century, we aim to become a “Knowledge Hub”, where both researchers and students with a thirst for knowledge can enlighten one another.

2.That, as a prefectural university meeting the growing demands for advanced education in an “Era of decentralization”, we will promote a high quality of education endorsed by quality research, and will contribute to both regional and global communities, through the accomplishments of our staff and students.

3.That, focusing on the realization of a “Developed co-existent society”, we intend to advance research, education, and regional partnerships, which promotes the coexistence of nature, scientific technology and people, in diverse cultures of society.

This vision is made up of three priorities that are critical concerns for people inquiring about human society, living in the 21st century.


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