Student Learning International Exchange Student Program

Our Exchange Program is schemed for the students from the partner universities under the respective agreements. It suits those who intend to polish their Japanese ability in a friendly environment for one or two semesters. It also covers courses in cross-cultural understanding.
For the conditions, refer to the latest Fact Sheet.

Fact Sheet for 2025-2026

Application Procedures

  1. Step 1 :
    Nomination by partner universities

    Deadline for fall semester : March 31

    Deadline for spring semester : September 30

  2. Step 2 :
    Application by applicant students

    Deadline for fall semester : Late April

    Deadline for spring semester : October 31

  3. Step 3 :
    Screening and Issuance of Acceptance Letter

    June for fall semester

    December for spring semester

Course Offerings

The participating students can expect to improve their communication skills in Japanese by completing tasks in the exclusive courses for exchange students.
Also, involvement in undergraduate courses which we encourage to do will give them a richer experience in their campus life. Thus, this program is for study-oriented students.

Required Language Skills: <Japanese> Minimum JLPT level N5 or equivalent

If a candidate student is judged to be lacking Japanese learning experience, based on supporting documents and a Japanese online test result, she/he will be requested to work on APU self-study materials, “Japanese First Step”, prior to arrival in Japan.

Japanese First Step

It contains 120 on-line units in six chapters. Each unit includes a learning material and an assignment. All the units are offered on Microsoft Teams in three months prior to the exchange program.

Courses exclusive for Exchange Students

Course subjects for exchange students include Japanese language courses and cross-cultural understanding courses. Through a combination of language classes, students can deepen their understanding of Japan and of Japanese language.

The Exchange Program offers five to seven courses at each of three levels in Japanese exclusively for the exchange students. They are basically organized in the in-person style. Note that the participating students will be separated into respective courses based on the result of an online Japanese test held before the semester. Since the participating students come from different countries and universities, the class levels in which they are placed will not necessarily correspond to the definitions of home universities. Our Japanese language curricula take the ACTIVE LANGUAGE LEARNING style featuring everyday communication skills in Japanese.

A part of general undergraduate courses which are opened to regular students can be registered by the participants during the exchange period. However, if the general courses are conducted in Japanese, a certain level of Japanese proficiency must be required.

Some of our general undergraduate courses are specifically framed to be multicultural learning environments.

  • Comparative Culture and Society
  • Japan Seen from Outside
  • Global Vision Talks

Comparative Culture and Society

This class brings together Japanese students from five faculties and host students from various countries. Through presentations, group work, and discussions, students compare their own and other cultures and explore the prospects for a symbiotic society.

University-wide Foundation Courses

The courses in this category offer liberal arts education.

Major Subject Courses

The courses in this category offer specialized contents in respective field by the major.

Syllabus Inquiry

Syllabus Inquiry (Japanese Webpage)

Some courses are limited to the regular students and not available to the exchange students.


The university provides the successful applicants with accommodation information available in the coming term when the acceptance letter is issued.


The university arranges the Certificate of Eligibility required for the visa application at embassies.


National Health Insurance

Exchange students who stay in Japan for three months or longer shall join the Japanese government-funded National Health Insurance. It covers 70 % of the insured’s medical expense in most cases. The premium costs approximately 1500 yen per month. The exchange students will receive its bills by post and settle it at a convenience store.

Personal Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance

The accident insurance policy covers injuries caused during classes, university events and commuting. All students are required to take out the insurance. The Personal Liability Insurance which covers a part of payment against damages which, during the period of the insurance, they may be held legally liable to pay for an injuring third party or a damage of any property belonging to the third party is also mandated by the university. They cost 1340 yen in total per year.

Bicycle Insurance

It has been ruled to purchase some bicycle insurance if you plan to use it.

For more information about university life in Japan

Handbook for International Students